US20040148829A1 - Display device with rail support - Google

Disclosed is a display device, elongate mount, and display module for displaying alphanumeric information to passengers of a mass transit vehicle. The

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Exploring Vehicle Level Benefits of Revolutionary pylon-mounted, advanced Ultra-High Bypass Ratio ) × C F , t u r b u l e n t (1)

Vehicle with adjustable occupancy space

A vehicle for providing adjustable occupant space has a fixed occupiable section defining a first interior space. The fixed occupiable section includes a

US5467084A - Vehicle position determining apparatus - Google

Apparatus for determining the position of a mobile vehicle relative to a fixed location marker device which comprises a coil energized to emit a magnetic

CA2298786A1 - Power sliding mini-van door - Google Patents

Pillar-mounted power door lock and power window system for a vehicle EP2218601A4 (en) * 2007-10-26 2013-01-23 Train Automatic Solutions In

CA2356193C - Rearview mirror with integrated microwave

An inventive rearview mirror assembly (10) is disclosed in which a microwave antenna (54) is mounted so as to receive transmissions from one or more

US6619620B1 - Vehicle hoist - Google Patents

vehicle when mounted on said hoist characterized Other solutions are available including placing * 1982-03-26 1984-05-01 Cray Donald L

US4343401A - Automobile containerized shipment support kit -

vehicles, and each mounts a pair of prefabricated US4637763A (en) * 1984-11-13 1987-01-20 * 1988-12-06 1989-10-24 Moyer Donald L

US7541685B2 - Vehicle-mounted alternator - Google Patents

The stator of the vehicle-mounted alternator includes a stator core formed with a plurality of slots located along a circumferential direction thereof, and

US5084994A - Adjustable vehicle-mounted advertising signs and

An advertising display for use above the roof of a vehicle comprises a rigid aerodynamic member, which tapers rearwardly to a trailing edge with an up

US4484838A - Method and apparatus for installing anodes at

Method and apparatus whereby an anode may be mounted on a subsea propulsion vehicle, transported to a selected portion of a platform substructure and then

US20090037039A1 - Method for locomotive navigation and track

B61L25/00—Recording or indicating positions or identities of vehicles ormounted on board a locomotive, determine a track location based on

US9010768B2 - Suspension system for a vehicle - Google Patents

A utility vehicle is disclosed. The utility vehicle may include storage areas under the dash. The utility vehicle may include suspension systems for utility

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of the side-mounted core stages on December 19.vehicle family since R-7 performed 32 launches

EP2857330A1 - Cradle and guide system for refuse vehicle -

A cradle and guide system (50) for a refuse vehicle (10) has at least one track member (52) mounted on a bumper (60) of the refuse vehicle (

US3689106A - Baggage cart - Google Patents

a conveying platform rotatably mounted on the vehicle to the tow bar of an adjacent vehiclerelative to the r l ch [58] Field of Search

US20140061362A1 - Vehicle with aerial and ground mobility -

A combination rotor and wheel assembly for an unmanned vehicle with ground and aerial mobility has a rotor arm adapted to be attached at an inner end

US4096807A - Restraint shield - Google Patents

US4096807A US05/735,400 US73540076A US4096807mounted inwardly from the extension of the upper said vehicle container being adapted to receive

system for monitor cameras to be mounted on vehicles -

An optical system for monitor cameras to be mounted on vehicles comprising a camera body disposed so as to be accommodatable into a support erected on

US8630768B2 - System and method for monitoring vehicle

System and method for monitoring the operation of a vehicle, comprising a housing having an accelerometer unit, and a global positioning system (GPS) unit


periodicals that are published on a regular basis total around 400 different to improve the automatic performance of the vehicle-mounted boom-mast A

US4811912A - Emergency locking seat belt retractor with

L between points O1 and O2 The automatic mounted in a frame and biassed by a winding (en) * 1990-11-09 1992-01-14 Trw Vehicle

US5339551A - Removable vehicle mounted advertising signs and

A rigid aerodynamic advertising member is removably mounted to either the tailgate or vertical side of the bed of a pick-up truck with a mounting


mounted on the roof of the enclosure and tree skidding vehicle 1966-01-04 Hamilton et al400 pivotally secured to a foot rest 401 by a

apparatus, particularly for vehicle windows - Google Patents

prallel to the web, makes it possible to avoid32 36 400 and 34 15 930. In all the vehicle mounted on or within the vehicles sun

US5376341A - Catalytic converter for motorcycles - Google

chamber or muffler of a motorized vehicle. mounted in a metallic housing by an insulating temperature increase from an average of 400° C

US3826562A - View expanding and directing optical system -

the system is mounted on a vehicle, at the 537.77l ll/l970 Trufanoff 350/2ll [75] Some of these proposed solutions include roof

US8031878B2 - Electronic interfacing with a head-mounted

Power is delivered from a power source in a head-mounted device to a separate accessory that is coupled to the head-mounted device. Power and signals

US9135820B2 - Communication system, vehicle-mounted terminal,

vehicle-mounted terminal, roadside device - H04L9/32—Cryptographic mechanisms or 400, a roadside device certificate 401, a

US10074394B2 - Computer program, method, and system for

A multiple recording device management system including an intermediate multiple recording device managing apparatus, a vehicle recording device mounted in a