US4202453A - Articulated mine service vehicle - Google Patents

A rugged maneuverable articulate mine service vehicle includes a power unit and a utility formed from welded steel plate, which units are interconnected by

and method of attaching same to a vehicle - Google Patents

method of attaching same to a vehicle - Google the mounting bracket 160 includes an L-shaped 400 against a vehicular wall panel 422 and a

US5277078A - Vehicle shifter with roller and detent type

A vehicle transmission shifter mechanism having a shift lever frame including a roller detent, a shift lever shiftable to a plurality of different shift

US20040143391A1 - GPS-based vehicle warning and location

having an indicator mounted inside the vehicle, eunit that is provided on the emergency vehicle FIG. 4 shows a map display 400 that is


VEHICLE CONTROL DEVICE MOUNTED ON VEHICLE AND further comprising a display unit, wherein the received through a communication apparatus 400

US4223570A - Power transmission for automotive vehicle -

for being mounted on the automotive vehicle. the dimension indicated by l unavoidably becomesunit 114 to be engaged with one another against

US8639386B2 - Haptic device for manipulator and vehicle

2014-01-28 Publication of US8639386B2 publicationmounted to the vehicle base, and the telematic The control unit implements at least two states,

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Electric vehicles (EVs) seem to be the hope of the cars for the future thanks to their very high efficiency, relative quietness and, more importantly

CA2429527A1 - Trailer hitch cover assembly - Google Patents

A trailer hitch cover assembly (14) for a motor vehicle includes a hitch insert having an aperture extending longitudinally therethrough to fit over a

US7370818B2 - Apparatus for treatment of snow and ice -

A vehicle is disclosed which includes a chassis and a storage and dispensing apparatus. The storage and dispensing apparatus can be mounted directly to the

US6325436B1 - Cargo area divider for a motor vehicle - Google

1999-07-01 Priority to DE1999130107 priority on vehicle-mounted retainers in a roof region Macnee Arthur L Iii Automotive vehicle open air

CA1298325C - Air spring damper for vehicle suspension -

unit that provides improved lsolation of the mount that pivotally connects the plston rod tovehicle control wlth maxlmum damplng at natural

US3841544A - Bumper mounted rack - Google Patents

B60R—VEHICLES, VEHICLE FITTINGS, OR VEHICLE 8 Drawing lFigures 1 BUMPER MOUNTED RACK BACK(en) 1973-01-15 1973-01-15 Bumper mounted

US20040148829A1 - Display device with rail support - Google

Disclosed is a display device, elongate mount, and display module for displaying alphanumeric information to passengers of a mass transit vehicle. The

US4944563A - Wheel assembly including a solid tire - Google

B60C—VEHICLE TYRES; TYRE INFLATION; TYRE a vertical load of 400 pounds can be carried said rim including means for mounting the tire

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vehicle communications system, railroad wheel and Donelson III and R. L. Dicus, “Bearing Defect a node comprises a mounting structure configured

(par Kompass (China)

A utility vehicle includes a plurality of ground engaging members and a frame supported by the plurality of ground engaging members. Additionally, the

and method of attaching same to a vehicle - Google Patents

method of attaching same to a vehicle - Google the mounting bracket 160 includes an L-shaped 400 against a vehicular wall panel 422 and a

- Apparatus for rewriting a memory in a vehicle mounted

A memory rewriting apparatus can rewrite control programs for a vehicle mounted ECU through communications reliably and easily. A transmission and reception

US6210098B1 - Low floor vehicle ramp assembly - Google Patents

A ramp assembly for mounting in a low floor bus or other vehicle. The ramp assembly includes a rectangular enclosure that fits underneath the chassis of

Auxiliary power unit for hybrid electric vehicle - Google

power unit for hybrid electric vehicle - Google 1995-01-20 Priority to US08/376,043 priority ARRANGEMENT OR MOUNTING OF PLURAL DIVERSE PRIME-

of detecting target point arrival and vehicle-mounted

vehicle-mounted device control system - Google unit includes a target point arrival signal outputr and a second segment area 112 c, and each

US8083242B2 - Multi-pivot vehicle suspension - Google Patents

An all terrain vehicle and suspension providing frame members that pivot relative to each other and independent of supported track assemblies. Suspension fram

US9272688B2 - Method and system for selecting vehicle

Methods and systems for selecting vehicle operating modes in response to output of remote security token devices are described. In one example, a vehicle

and method for controlling a safety system of a vehicle in

A control system for a vehicle ( 10 ) is described for use in conjunction with the safety system ( 44 ) of the vehicle ( 10 ). A tire sensor

US5718445A - Vehicle suspension system - Google Patents

A vehicle suspension system having a pair of hanger brackets. A first intermediate bracket dependent from a vehicle, a second intermediate bracket a pair

EP2857330A1 - Cradle and guide system for refuse vehicle -

A cradle and guide system (50) for a refuse vehicle (10) has at least one track member (52) mounted on a bumper (60) of the refuse vehicle (

Providing gesture control of associated vehicle functions


US8672065B2 - Vehicle having an articulated suspension and

A vehicle includes a chassis and a plurality of wheel assemblies articulated with the chassis, each of the plurality of wheel assemblies comprising a

US6619620B1 - Vehicle hoist - Google Patents

vehicle when mounted on said hoist characterized and lever to release The Safety Locking Unit * 1982-03-26 1984-05-01 Cray Donald L